It's Not Cricket. Image shows from L to R: Major Bright (Basil Radford), Primrose Brown (Susan Shaw), Captain Early (Naunton Wayne). Copyright: Gainsborough Pictures 1928 Limited.

It's Not Cricket (1949)

It's Not Cricket

It's Not Cricket

It's Not Cricket is a post-war comedy produced by one Britain's finest comedy talents: Peter Rogers, and his future wife and probably the finest female producer of her generation, Betty E. Box.

Major Bright (Basil Radford) and Captain Early (Naunton Wayne) are two helpless intelligence officers in the British army in post-war Germany. Sent back to England for a spot of leave they fail to notice that their new batman is actually war criminal Otto Fisch (Maurice Denham) and when he vanishes the two officers are quickly demobbed.

Back on Civvy Street our two heroes set up a private detective agency, Bright and Early. When they are invited to a weekend country house party for a cricket match they stumble across a robbery plot involving a diamond that Fisch has stolen. Will the two helpless detectives finally catch Fisch and recover the diamond?

First released: Monday 24th March 2014

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