I'll Be There

2003 British comedy film. Stars Craig Ferguson and Charlotte Church.

I'll Be There

I'll Be There

Olivia just met the perfect man for her mum: her dad!

Being a rock star isn't what it used to be, not for Paul Kerr. Seventeen years ago, Paul was on the crest of a wave. His music and his stage charisma was filling clubs all over the UK and drawing legions of screaming fans.

One of those fans was a music-loving free spirit named Rebecca. Paul and Rebecca spent three extraordinary days and nights together before he flew to America and became a superstar with endless rounds of concerts, parties, gold records and every kind of excess that fame and money could buy. He never heard from Rebecca again, nor she from him.

Paul never knew that he had fathered a child that weekend - Olivia, now 16, who sings with the voice of an angel. Olivia lives with her mother Rebecca in a small town in Wales, and has absolutley no idea about who her father really is. But now, both Paul and Olivia are about to learn the truth about each other...

First released: Monday 2nd February 2004

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