Gregory's Girl. Image shows from L to R: Susan (Clare Grogan), Gregory Underwood (John Gordon Sinclair). Copyright: Lake Films.

Gregory's Girl

1981 British comedy film about teenage love. Stars John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Clare Grogan, Jake D'Arcy, Chic Murray and others.

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Gregory's Girl - 35 years on

A salute to 1981's Gregory's Girl, starring John Gordon Sinclair and Claire Grogan...

Andrew Blair, Den Of Geek, 11th May 2016

Re-Viewed: Gregory's Girl

Without giving too much away, the film offers some genuine surprises, especially when it comes to Gregory's love life.

Tom Eames, Digital Spy, 5th May 2014

Gregory's Girl: Lead actors go back to school

It was the movie that changed the Scottish film industry and made stars of its two unknown leads. In a BBC Scotland documentary John Gordon Sinclair and Clare Grogan go back to the school in Cumbernauld where Gregory's Girl was filmed.

Steven Brocklehurst, BBC News, 11th December 2012

Gregory's Girl school may close under council plans

A Cumbernauld secondary school, famous for its role in the cult Scottish film Gregory's Girl, could be demolished under council plans.

The Scotsman, 19th September 2012

Gregory Underwood (John Gordon Sinclair), a gawky teenager, is infatuated with Dorothy (Dee Hepburn), the new girl at school, and delighted when she joins him in the football team. Unfortunately, she turns out to be a better player than he is. (Well, he is Scottish.) This quirky, engaging romcom follows his hapless efforts to impress her.

The Telegraph, 17th September 2009