Gonks Go Beat. Mr. A. & R. (Frank Thornton).

Gonks Go Beat

1965 British comedy film about a clash between musical tastes. Stars Kenneth Connor, Terry Scott, Frank Thornton, Iain Gregory, Barbara Brown and others.

Gonks Go Beat

Gonks Go Beat

Psychedelic 1960s sci-fi re-imagining of Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet with music by Lulu And The Luvvers, The Nashville Teens and The Graham Bond Organisation.

Planet Earth is in great turmoil - there's trouble brewing between the rock and roll loving residents of Beatland and their ballad-singing neighbours on Balladisle. Concerned that their musical Battle Royale may result in war, an alien race send an emissary, Wilco Roger, to sort things out. While a race of glove puppets on the planet Gonk dance wildly and Wilco teams up with Mr A&R, salvation may be at hand when two young people, one from Beatland and one from Balladisle, fall in love...

First released: Monday 4th June 2007

This particular product has been discontinued. However, you may still be able to find second-hand copies.

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