Girls Will Be Boys

1934 British comedy film.

Girls Will Be Boys

Girls Will Be Boys

This delightfully mischievous comedy was among the first films made in Britain by Paris-born director Marcel Varnel, later noted for his collaborations with Will Hay, Arthur Askey and the Crazy Gang, among many others; it also marked the British screen debut of Dolly Haas, providing a typically androgynous role for the gamine German star. Girls Will Be Boys is presented here in a brand-new digital transfer.

The mere idea of a woman in his castle made the Duke of Bridgewater feel ill; behind his misogyny lay a family scandal that had left him irascible, lonely, and heirless. Then one day, a letter arrived from abroad. Beginning 'Dear Grandfather' and signed 'Pat Caverley', it seemed to signal that the Duke had an heir after all - and the old man promptly ordered Grey, his secretary, to fetch the boy. To Grey's horror, 'Pat' turned out to be 'Patricia'...

With characteristic impishness, Patricia cut off her curls and donned trousers. The Duke found his grandson a little small, perhaps even a little effeminate. But then there was young Geoffrey who worked on the estate - perhaps he could make a man out of Pat? After all, he shared the Duke's opinion of women!

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First released: Monday 7th July 2014

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