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BWW reviews: Frank

A quirky film of a young man's quest to fulfill his musician dreams.

Shari Barrett, Broadway World, 6th August 2014

In conversation with Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson is a busy man, this Cardiff-born, New York-based writer, film-maker and broadcaster clearly juggling lots of big deadlines. But he was nothing less than charming and entertaining when we caught up via a web link from NYC this week, telling me about his seven-date A Frank Talk tour, his surreal brush with pop fame, and much more.

Write Wyatt UK, 14th July 2014

How to build your own Frank head in 46 easy stages

Welcome to our handy tutorial on how to make a massive Frank head. We do not accept any responsibility for any consequences to your carpet, sanity, or general well-being that arise from attempting to make or wear your own massive Frank head. Not suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition.

Catherine Bray, Film4, 10th May 2014

Film review: Frank

It's a shame the original Sidebottom's modest joie de vivre doesn't shine through, save for an allegedly 'mainstream' number Frank composes in a hotel room on the eve of the band's festival appearance. Instead, the focus is entirely on the complexities and troubles behind that mask.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 9th May 2014

Frank: Madcap comedy in bid to unmask character

Frank is a sweet, funny and deeply weird comedy with a winning performance from Domhnall Gleeson as a naive innocent negotiating the eccentric wonderland of rock and roll notoriety.

Allan Hunter, The Daily Express, 9th May 2014

Film review - Frank

Lenny Abrahamson's superby eccentric movie about a group of supremely eccentric musicians reveals some powerful truths about art and the disordered mind.

Donald Clark, The Irish Times, 9th May 2014

Frank: funny peculiar

With its deadpan humour and slapstick heart Frank is incredibly funny. But without warning it suddenly turns to darker territory as you watch Frank, clearly a troubled soul with mental health issues, battling with his demons.

Maria Duarte, The Morning Star, 9th May 2014

Frank: movie review

While this comedy-drama is sometimes wilfully absurd, it's also exhilarating cinema, telling its story with conflicting amounts of warm emotion and prickly abrasiveness.

Rich Cline, Contact Music, 9th May 2014

Frank - film review

If it's a comedy, it's a dark one.

Nigel Andrews, The Financial Times, 8th May 2014

Frank, film review

The film isn't as funny as might have been expected and the final-reel revelations risk undermining its mystique.

Geoffrey MacNab, The Independent, 8th May 2014