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Four Weddings And A Funeral. Image shows from L to R: Carrie (Andie MacDowell), Charles (Hugh Grant).

Four Weddings And A Funeral

1994 British comedy film. Stars Hugh Grant, James Fleet, Simon Callow, John Hannah, Kristin Scott Thomas, David Bower, Charlotte Coleman, Andie MacDowell, Corin Redgrave and others.

Repeated on C4 on Tuesday 26th December at 11:10pm

Cast & Crew

Main cast
Hugh Grant Charles
James Fleet Tom
Simon Callow Gareth
John Hannah Matthew
Kristin Scott Thomas Fiona
David Bower David
Charlotte Coleman Scarlet
Andie MacDowell Carrie
Corin Redgrave Hamish
Rowan Atkinson Father Gerald
Timothy Walker Angus the groom
Sara Crowe Laura the bride
Ronald Herdman Vicar (Wedding 1)
Elspet Gray Laura's mother
Philip Voss Laura's father
Rupert Vansittart George the boor
Nicola Walker Frightful folk singer
Paul Stacey Frightful folk singer
Simon Kunz John with the unfaithful wife
Robin McCaffrey Serena
Michael Mears The Boatman waiter
Kenneth Griffith (as Kenneth Griffiths) Mad old man
David Haig Bernard
Sophie Thompson Lydia
Donald Weedon Master of Ceremonies
Nigel Hastings Tea-tasting Alistair
Emily Morgan Vomiting Veronica
Amanda Mealing Naughty Nicki
Melissa Knatchbull Mocking Martha
Polly Kemp Miss Piggy
Anna Chancellor Henrietta
Hannah Taylor Gordon Young bridesmaid
Bernice Stegers Shop assistant
Robert Lang Lord Hibbott
Jeremy Kemp Sir John Delaney
Rosalie Crutchley Mrs Beaumont
Ken Drury Vicar (Wedding 3)
Struan Rodger Best Man
Lucy Hornack Married woman
Randall Paul Chester
Pat Starr Gareth's dance partner
Tim Thomas Doctor
Neville Phillips Vicar (Funeral)
Susanna Hamnett Deirdre
John Abbott Polite Verger
Richard Butler Vicar (Wedding 4)
Writing team
Richard Curtis Writer
Emma Freud Script Editor
Production team
Mike Newell Director
Duncan Kenworthy Producer
Tim Bevan Executive Producer
Eric Fellner Executive Producer
Richard Curtis Executive Producer
Jon Gregory Editor
Maggie Gray Production Designer
Richard Rodney Bennett Composer

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