Rod's familiar cry to demean his assistant, Neville

Back, Neville!

Rod McCain (Kevin Kline)
Vince defends himself against his father

I am not a wuss!

Vince McCain (Kevin Kline)
Bugsy is finally lost for words

Rollo: "What do you suggest we do with the dead body of the incredibly famous man, who you have just ASSASSINATED?!"

(Bugsy stutters)

Rollo: "Sorry, I didn't quite catch it...what? What was that? Pop him in the blender?"

Vince to Rollo

I don't like you. You're weird and unattractive.

Vince McCain (Kevin Kline)
Vince and Rod face off.

Vince: "I'm your son! You have to leave me something!"

Rod: "Why?"

Vince "'Cause you...you screwed up my whole childhood!"

Rod: "How could I have? I wasn't even there."

Rollo and Willa find a common ground

Willa: "I love this zoo"

Rollo: "I love zoo too"

Willa confronts Rollo

Willa: "Why do you work for us, Rollo?"

Rollo: "Cowardice?"

Vince gives an insight into his childhood

I remember when I was five, my mother got me this...dog. I just didn't 'get it'. I suppose I had nothing I needed fetched. So I sold him.

Vince McCain (Kevin Kline)
Willa tries to make Vince see sense.

Vince, there is no cure for a bullet in the brain. It is very fatal.

Willa Weston (Jamie Lee Curtis)
Bugsy rambles on to a petrified Rollo

Oh don't worry about Terry; he wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, actually, he would hurt a fly, being a Mexican red-kneed tarantula - Brachypelma Smithii - and therefore particularly partial to flies.

Adrian (Michael Palin)

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