Fast And Loose. Image shows from L to R: Peter Wykeham (Brian Reece), Carol Hankin (Kay Kendall). Copyright: ITV / Rex.

Fast And Loose

1954 British comedy film about two married couples. Stars Stanley Holloway, Kay Kendall, Brian Reece, Joan Young, Charles Victor and others.

Fast And Loose

Fast And Loose

Charming 1950s farce superbly written by the legendary Ben Travers.

A young married couple, Peter (Brian Reece) and Barbara (June Thorburn) are travelling by train to the countryside for a romantic weekend. Leaving Barbara on the train at the platform Peter pops out to buy a newspaper, but meets old flame Carol (Kay Kendall) at the news stand. While Peter and Carol are chatting, the train leaves for the country without him. Peter, accompanied by Carol, frantically tries to catch up with his wife, hiring a car in order to drive to the hotel. Unfortunately for Peter the car breaks down and he ends up spending a night with Carol in a remote inn.

Barbara meanwhile has enlisted the help of her parents in order to track down her husband and the ensuing chase leads to a hilarious series of misadventures that you would anticipate from a Ben Travers script. Stanley Holloway is superbly cast as Barbara's downtrodden father.

First released: Monday 17th December 2018

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