Don't Ever Leave Me.

Don't Ever Leave Me

1949 British comedy film.

Don't Ever Leave Me

Don't Ever Leave Me

When inveterate old lag Harry Denton (Edward Rigby) is released from prison he soon returns to his old ways by kidnapping 16 year-old Sheila Farlaine (Petula Clark), the daughter of a well-known actor (Hugh Sinclair). Harry brings her to the home of his grandson Jack (Jimmy Hanley) but soon gets more than he bargained for as Sheila welcomes the adventure of being kidnapped and the attention it receives in the press!

As Sheila's father discovers the biggest acting role of his career, playing the distraught father of a daughter being held to ransom; and her childhood friend Jimmy (Anthony Newley) convinces the police that he bravely tried to fight off the kidnappers; Sheila's disappearance becomes a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy their moment in the limelight. All that is bar Jack, who wants his grandfather to concoct some ruse to persuade Sheila to return home so that he doesn't have to serve twenty years in prison with his grandfather for abduction!

First released: Monday 16th May 2011

This particular product has been discontinued. However, you may still be able to find second-hand copies.

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