Come Play With Me. Copyright: Roldvale.

Come Play With Me

1977 British comedy film about a crime gang. Stars Irene Handl, Alfie Bass, Mary Millington, Bob Todd, Tommy Godfrey and others.

Press Clippings

Former 'sex comedy' cinema given new life as steakhouse

The former Soho cinema best known for showing the sex comedy Come Play With Me for a record-breaking four years is to be reborn as a restaurant and bar complex.

Jonathan Prynn, Evening Standard, 8th September 2017

The golden age of British nudie comedies

The British sex comedy was always awful. But it was a different age. Video was in its comparative infancy.

Alan Stafford, Chortle, 27th October 2016

How London's sex comedies saved British cinema

The saucy Carry On films, popular since the late 1950s, must have also given filmmakers ideas. But these films only took it so far, with nakedness more implied than seen -- even in the famous scene where Barbara Windsor's bikini top catapults away from her breasts. And so came the low-budget, bizarrely plotted, early 1970s sex comedy.

Ben Venables, Londonist, 19th August 2016

Blue plaque for blue movie star

A blue plaque celebrating the life of London's greatest porn star will be revealed in Soho today.

Mary Millington became a household name in the 1970s, famously starring in the X-rated sex comedy Come Play With Me, which holds a place in movie history as the longest running British film after its four-year run at the Moulin Cinema from 1977.

Ben Venables, Londonist, 7th April 2016