Carry On Girls. Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions / ITV Studios.

Carry On Girls

1973 British comedy film about a seaside beauty pageant. Stars Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Bresslaw and others.


All filming in Brighton was completed in just 3 days - the 16th, 17th and 18th of April 1973. Cast and crew then returned to Pinewood Studios' C and E stages.

All of Valerie Leon's dialogue - as the alternately dowdy and gorgeous Paula Perkins - was dubbed in post-production by June Whitfield.

Barbara Windsor, starring as 'Miss Easy Rider' Hope Springs, was not just unable to ride a motorbike but actively scared of them. Stunt rider Nick Hobbs took her place in a number of key scenes, whilst the bike carrying her and Sid James in the final shot was firmly fixed to the back of a film truck.

In early drafts of the script - under the title Carry On Beauty Queen - writer Talbot Rothwell set the action in the equally fictional seaside resort of Buncope (also pronounced 'bunk up'), with Mayor Firkin in place of Bumble, and closing with a car chase and wedding between Sid James and Barbara Windsor's characters.

Carry On Girls was considered so saucy by BBC bosses that when it was eventually broadcast on television, it became the first Carry On to be shown after the 9pm watershed.

Robin Askwith was cast in the role of Augusta Prodworthy's son and aspiring photographer Larry after his strong and popular appearance in 1972's big-screen spin-off of hit TV sitcom Bless This House, in which he played Mike, the son of Sid James's character. That film was also produced by Peter Rogers and directed by Gerald Thomas.