Carry On England. Cpt. S. Melly (Kenneth Connor). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions.

Carry On England

1976 British comedy film about a mixed-sex military camp. Stars Kenneth Connor, Windsor Davies, Judy Geeson, Patrick Mower, Jack Douglas and others.


The anti-aircraft gun used in the film was borrowed from London's Imperial War Museum, and insured for £5,000 for the purpose of filming.

The film was originally created as a half-hour edition of the sitcom series Carry On Laughing. Titled The Busting Of Balsy, TV company ATV soon realised producing it would break their budget for the show.

Rank, wary of the film's cost and diminishing box office receipts for the series, were willing to fund only half of the budget. The members of band Pink Floyd initially agreed to put up the rest but soon withdrew citing their commitments to the tax man!