Carry On Cleo. Cleopatra (Amanda Barrie). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions.

Carry On Cleo

1964 British comedy film about Antony and Cleopatra. Stars Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims and others.

Press Clippings

The risqué art of the Carry On poster

Saucy seaside-postcard humour and innuendo were the order of the day for these eye-popping designs from the heyday of the Carry On film.

Sim Branaghan, British Film Institute, 12th November 2018

Film of the day: Carry on Cleo (1964)

Carry on Cleo (1964) is number 10 of the 31 Carry On films released. These low-budget British comedies, all produced by Peter Rogers and directed by Gerald Thomas, had regular cast members and often used innuendo for the humour.

Suzanne Camfield, On The Box, 15th October 2017

The chirpy team knocked out this cheeky response to Joseph L Mankiewicz's Egyptian epic, Cleopatra, in no time: a garden-shed version of the pyramids. Sid James is Mark Antony, Amanda Barrie the Queen of the Nile, and with Kenneth Williams Julius Caesar - who utters the immortal: "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!" - this ranks as one of yer classic Carry Ons.

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 2nd April 2016

Spot-on ancient Egyptian boob and toilet jokes

Carry On Cleo (1964) gets it right on the money when it comes to the sense of humour on the Nile in the first century BC. Everything else, though, is historically suspect.

Alex von Tunzelmann, The Guardian, 7th May 2009