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A film which was never made.

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Project from Dave Spikey about three lads who live together in Cumbria

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Project from Phoenix Nights co-writer Dave Spikey about three lads who live together in Cumbria.

The comedian told the Manchester Evening News: "It's quite funny and a bit absurd. One of the lads is really optimistic and the other two are basically idiots. They come up with these stupid ideas to make money such as selling misshapen pasties at an obesity clinic and making fake You've Been Framed videos to try and claim £250. And there's ferrets and commando soldiers involved too!"

The comedian says he developed the storylines when upcoming scriptwriter John Lebbon sent him a script based on his own experiences in the Lake District. "I loved it. A lot of series like Shameless and Skins show these chaotic lives in cities, but actually the countryside can be awful too! It might look idyllic in Cumbria - and it is beautiful - but there's also less jobs and fewer opportunities than you get elsewhere."

Spikey and Lebbon wrote a series based on John's original idea and sent it to the BBC, but the corporation thought it too bleak... so, via Blue Robot Films, the duo have filmed a ten-minute pilot to showcase their ideas and have send it off with their scripts to film festivals.

Filming took place for three days around Chorley.