Brüno. Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen).


2009 British comedy film. Stars Sacha Baron Cohen.

Press Clippings

Sacha Baron Cohen: All of his best political interviews

As Who Is America? causes controversy, a look back over 20 years of the prankster's greatest political hits.

Jason Bailey, The Independent, 16th July 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' lawsuit settled

A defamation lawsuit filed against Sacha Baron Cohen over the film Bruno has been settled.

Justin Harp, Digital Spy, 20th July 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen's preceding caper in the guise of a preposterous foreigner, Borat, was a hoot. Bruno isn't. The format of both mockumentaries is the same: we follow Baron Cohen as, in character, he dupes and outrages people. This time instead of a Kazakh reporter he's a squealing Austrian fashion expert, but too many of the jokes are puerile.

The Telegraph, 16th December 2011