Brand: A Second Coming. Russell Brand.

Brand: A Second Coming

2015 British comedy film. Stars Russell Brand.

Press Clippings

The documentary Russell Brand doesn't want you to see

Russell Brand gave renowned documentarian Ondi Timoner full access to his spiritual quest. Then he turned his back on her.

Matt Wilstein, The Daily Beast, 12th May 2016

It's enough to make you more conducive than usual to the antics of Russell Brand, though the comic-turned-social-commentator is still pretty overbearing company in Brand: A Second Coming, a slick documentary portrait by Ondi Timoner that nonetheless misses a trick by largely taking its subject at his big-mouthed word, rarely needling him into argument or revelation.

Guy Lodge, The Guardian, 8th November 2015

In Conversation: Ondi Timoner

With Brand: A Second Coming, Ondi Timoner sets her sights on an intriguing subject - comedian turned revolutionary activist Russell Brand.

Clash Music, 2nd November 2015

'Brand: The Second Coming' review

It's the establishment who are ultimately left laughing in this thoughtful Russell Brand documentary.

Michael Joyce, Ham & High, 24th October 2015

Ondi Timoner interview

Maker of revealing documentary Brand: A Second Coming, Ondi Timoner, says she still respects the comedian despite falling out with him over the film.

Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian, 24th October 2015

Review - Brand: A Second Coming

Is Russell Brand sturdy enough to take on the political world? The film leaves this tantalisingly unanswered, nor does it proffer any opinion as to whether Brand can be taken seriously.

Culture Whisper, 23rd October 2015

Review - Brand: A Second Coming

Excess has been a recurring feature in Russell Brand's life. Yet so soon after Michael Winterbottom's The Emperor's New Clothes, is the world crying out for another documentary about the comedian-turned-political activist?

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 23rd October 2015

Brand: A Second Coming review

In Ondi Timoner's documentary portrait, comedian/political agitator Russell Brand emerges as unembarrassable, uninterruptible and impervious to mockery.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 22nd October 2015

Filmmaker says Russell Brand is 'walking contradiction'

Brand: A Second Coming documentary maker Ondi Timoner has described her subject Russell Brand as a "walking contradiction" and a "self-destructive" person.

Contact Music, 22nd October 2015

Ondi Timoner pissed off about Russell Brand's boycott

"I'm pissed off today," chuckles Ondi Timoner. "My mood changes each day. But it's the premiere today, I'm a little bit upset because he's talking other people off the carpet. I've been disappointed. Everybody seems to not be coming."

Caroline Frost, The Huffington Post, 16th October 2015