Boy Eats Girl. Nathan Maguire (David Leon)
Boy Eats Girl

Boy Eats Girl

  • 2006 film

Comedy horror film about a teenager who dies and is resurrected by his mother - as a zombie. Stars David Leon, Samantha Mumba and Deirdre O'Kane.

Boy Eats Girl

Stephen Bradley directs this Anglo-Irish comedy-horror starring pop star Samantha Mumba.

Lovesick 17-year old Nathan Maguire (David Leon) is out of luck. On the night he finally works up the courage to tell the beautiful Jessica (Mumba) that he is in love with her a freak accident results in his death. By chance his mother (Deirdre O'Kane) has happened upon a voodoo book and invokes a spell that brings her son back to life - with the unforeseen hitch that he is now a zombie.

Though still retaining some human feelings, Nathan possesses the urge to eat flesh and it isn't long before the zombie outbreak has spread through the Dublin suburbs. But what will happen to Jessica, the girl Nathan desires more than any other?

First released: Monday 13th February 2006

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