Black Mountain Poets. Image shows from L to R: Lisa Walker (Alice Lowe), Claire Walker (Dolly Wells).

Black Mountain Poets

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Sisterly rivalry looms large in this offbeat British comedy. Alice Lowe is the kooky Lisa, who, with sister Claire (Dolly Wells), steals a car and heads for a poets' retreat in the Black Mountains on the England-Wales border. Awkwardly affecting poetic sensibilities, the pair fall for the spiritual grittiness of Tom Cullen's Richard.

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 24th July 2018

A look inside Black Mountain Poets

We thought we'd dig into the film a bit deeper...

The Velvet Onion, 9th May 2016

London Comedy Film Festival is back

Get ready to laugh: the fifth London Comedy Film Festival (Loco) starts later this month in cinemas across the capital.

Evening Standard, 7th April 2016

Black Mountain Poets review

Neither the jabs at literary types nor the ensemble jokes quite come off in this caper about two women trying to pass themselves off as poets.

Jonathan Romney, The Observer, 3rd April 2016

Review: No rhyme or reason, but still funny

Black Mountain Poets is a modestly engaging, low-budget British comedy.

Brian Viner, Daily Mail, 2nd April 2016

Black Mountain Poets review

It relentlessly mocks its pretentious, self-absorbed losers - all of whom are in need of a good job - although you might just find spending too much time with them every bit as irritating.

Rob Driscoll, Wales Online, 2nd April 2016

Jamie Adams interview

Jamie Adams has returned to the director's chair this weekend with his new film Black Mountain Poets. This is the third feature film of his career and comes after the success of Benny & Jolene and A Wonderful Christmas Time.

Helen Earnshaw, Female First, 2nd April 2016

Black Mountain Poets review

It's far from perfect; the ultra-loose structure and low stakes for the central characters ultimately makes it feel like a journey without a destination in mind. Yet this endearingly offbeat and thoroughly British farce provides small pleasures in spades and is a telling sign that improvised comedy is still a valid approach to storytelling.

Ross Miller, The National (Scotland), 1st April 2016

Black Mountain Poets even make a Tesco receipt funny

When the endlessly moody and peculiar Alice Lowe character reads out a Tesco receipt and tries to give it the hard poetic sell, her sister, in a bonding moment, agrees she's sprung something from nothing through sheer force of will. The same's true of this threesome and this film.

Tim Robey, The Telegraph, 31st March 2016

Alice Lowe interview

Alice Lowe is set to return to the big screen this week with her new film Black Mountain Poets, which sees her star alongside Dolly Wells and Tom Cullen and work with filmmaker Jamie Adams.

Helen Earnshaw, Female First, 31st March 2016