Benjamin. Image shows from L to R: Benjamin (Colin Morgan), Stephen (Joel Fry).


2019 British comedy film by Simon Amstell. Stars Colin Morgan, Phénix Brossard, Jessica Raine, Anna Chancellor, Jack Rowan and Joel Fry.

Press Clippings

Simon Amstell interview

'My therapist told me I was insane'.

Juliana Piskorz, Evening Standard, 20th March 2019

Simon Amstell: 'I have ridiculous thoughts'

The comedian is neurotic, searingly honest and very funny. But has he finally learned to love himself? He talks to Eva Wiseman about his new film, tricky fathers and being a big cat.

Eva Wiseman, The Guardian, 17th March 2019

Review - Benjamin

Simon Amstell is a film-maker wh''s made a film about a film maker making a film about his inability to love, a topic that long informed his stand-up.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 15th March 2019

Simon Amstell interview

"I'd come off stage and either need sex or cake - and ended up eating quite a lot of cake."

Hugh Montgomery, i Newspaper, 15th March 2019

Simon Amstell interview

With his new film, Benjamin, out this week, Simon Amstell shares his thoughts on drugs, depression and happiness.

Stephen Applebaum, The Jewish Chronicle, 14th March 2019

Film review: Benjamin

It's not often that a film leaves you desperately wanting more. Most modern movies outstay their welcome by at least half an hour, but it's one of the many achievements of Simon Amstell's debut feature film that when the end comes it feels surprisingly early.

Nick Myles, The LGBTQ Arts Review, 14th March 2019

Simon Amstell and Klaxons' James Righton interview

Simon Amstell and James Righton (formerly of Klaxons fame) are two personalities who'll be very familiar to anyone who loved music in the noughties. The pair have recently joined forces on the feature film Benjamin.

Luke Morgan Britton, NME, 13th March 2019

Benjamin review: awkward romcom meets cultural analysis

Simon Amstell explores the social dilemmas of yearning creatives.l

Tom Baily, The Arts Desk, 13th March 2019

Benjamin review - Amstell's hilarious romance

As a young film-maker's career teeters on the brink of disaster, a surprise love affair forces him to rethink the path to happiness.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 13th March 2019

Interview: Simon Amstell

Stand-up comedian and filmmaker Simon Amstell says his 'ashamed and alone' younger self would be thrilled that he is creatively free AND has a boyfriend (who is hot).

Adrian Lobb, The Big Issue, 13th March 2019