The Bad Education Movie. Image shows from L to R: Joe (Ethan Lawrence), Mitchell (Charlie Wernham), Chantelle (Nikki Runeckles), Stephen (Layton Williams), Rem Dogg (Jack Binstead), Alfie (Jack Whitehall), Chantelle (Nikki Runeckles), Jing (Kae Alexander). Copyright: Entertainment In Video.

The Bad Education Movie

2015 British comedy film about a school trip. Stars Jack Whitehall, Ethan Lawrence, Nikki Runeckles, Layton Williams, Charlie Wernham and others.

Video Clips

60 Seconds With... Layton Williams

Layton Williams takes on BAFTA Guru's quickfire interview challenge and offers some fabulous advice.

Featuring: Layton Williams (Stephen).

The cast's worst school trips

The cast reveal their worst school trips.

Featuring: Jack Whitehall (Alfie), Ethan Lawrence (Joe), Charlie Wernham (Mitchell), Jack Binstead (Rem Dogg), Mathew Horne (Fraser), Sarah Solemani (Rosie Gulliver), Joanna Scanlan (Susan Poulter).

A profile of Alfie Wickers

The cast talk about Alfie Wickers.

Featuring: Freddy Syborn, Jack Whitehall (Alfie), Ethan Lawrence (Joe), Nikki Runeckles (Chantelle), Layton Williams (Stephen), Charlie Wernham (Mitchell), Jack Binstead (Rem Dogg), Kae Alexander (Jing), Weruche Opia (Cleopatra).

Pop it up the chuffer?

Rosie prepares Alfie for his school trip.

Featuring: Jack Whitehall (Alfie), Sarah Solemani (Rosie Gulliver).

The Pub

Alfie has to pretend he has Cornish blood running through his veins. His accent might not be up to the job though.

Jack Whitehall interview

Jack Whitehall talks about what is in store for Alfie in The Bad Education Movie.

Featuring: Jack Whitehall (Alfie).