Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

2013 British comedy film about Alan Partridge. Stars Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney, Tim Key, Felicity Montagu, Simon Greenall and others.

Video Clips

Boardroom Meeting

Alan drops in on a board meeting.

Featuring: Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge), Nigel Lindsay (Jason Tresswell), Karl Theobald (Greg Frampton), Kieran Hodgson (Exec).

Large Question

Alan asks his listeners a big question.

Featuring: Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge), Tim Key (Side Kick Simon).

Alan Partridge singing in his car

The opening scene from Alpha Papa. On his commute into work, Alan sings along to British soul stars Roachford's iconic 1988 hit Cuddly Toy.

Featuring: Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge).

Alpha Papa - Behind the Scenes Featurette

The main stars and Alpha Papa production team explain the premise of the movie.

Featuring: Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge), Colm Meaney (Pat Farrell), Tim Key (Side Kick Simon).

Alpha Papa - Premiere Sizzle Reel

Footage from the Alpha Papa premiere.

Featuring: Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge).

Talking Cock

Alan has some ideas for what he is going to talk his breakfast show.

Featuring: Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge), Felicity Montagu (Lynn Benfield), Nigel Lindsay (Jason Tresswell).