Adventures Of A Taxi Driver. Copyright: Salon Productions
Adventures Of A Taxi Driver

Adventures Of A Taxi Driver

  • 1976 film

Cabbie Joe has no trouble picking up girls, who are more than willing to join him for a ride. His back-seat shenanigans look set to land him in bother. Stars Barry Evans, Judy Geeson, Adrienne Posta, Liz Fraser, Ian Lavender and more.

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Review: Adventures Of A Taxi Driver (1976)

Arguably, one could say that this unfunny romp is about a man not doing well in controlling what is clearly a sex addiction, while making light of suicide and mental health, and reducing women to mere hunks of proddable meat. But, that, I am afraid, to some people, was "acceptable" at the time - and you would have to be confident in your independence as a man to say you wouldn't have been right there in those grotty cinemas with all the other "non-grotty" men.

David E. J. A. Bennett, Capers Magazine, 4th May 2021

How London's sex comedies saved British cinema

The saucy Carry On films, popular since the late 1950s, must have also given filmmakers ideas. But these films only took it so far, with nakedness more implied than seen -- even in the famous scene where Barbara Windsor's bikini top catapults away from her breasts. And so came the low-budget, bizarrely plotted, early 1970s sex comedy.

Ben Venables, Londonist, 19th August 2016

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