A Wonderful Christmas Time. Image shows from L to R: Noel (Dylan Edwards), Cherie (Laura Haddock). Copyright: Jolene Films.

A Wonderful Christmas Time

Video Clips

A Wonderful Christmas Time interview

Buzz TV sit down to the main cast of A Wonderful Christmas Time, Laura Haddock and Dylan Edwards, along with director Jamie Adams, about what it's like working on a totally improvised film.

Featuring: Dylan Edwards (Noel), Laura Haddock (Cherie).

A Wonderful Christmas Time trailer

The brand new trailer from Jolene: The Indie Folk Star director Jamie Adams.

Jolene Films' modern romance trilogy continues with A Wonderful Christmas Time, the very first indie Christmas movie, and the first movie to be released exclusively on demand in the UK.

Featuring: Dylan Edwards (Noel), Laura Haddock (Cherie), Ian Smith (Steve), Mandeep Dhillon (Mandi), Oliver Maltman (Simon), Sara Pascoe (Laura).