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Man In A Cat - Short Film

Man In A Cat

All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat) is a touching love story... involving a cat's anus.

Fresh from a successful festival run where it picked up various top awards, this animated short is now available to watch online.

Louis Hudson's film tells the story of Yorkie. This tiny man lives a hermit like existence inside a cat (yes, a cat... it'd be fair to say this is a somewhat surreal creation).

When Yorkie sees his cat's new owner, Michelle, he quickly becomes obsessed and decides to brave the outside world and introduce himself. All the while a small woman called Susan has been watching on dejectedly from her mouse hole.

You might recognise the voices involved. Kevin Eldon plays Yorkie, with Josie Long as tiny Susan, and Isabel Fay as Michelle.

Here's the film in full:

All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat) started out as a half-complete student film but became a fully-fledged production when the UK Film Council and Screen WM commissioned it as part of the Digishorts scheme.

Creator Louis Hudson explains more: "The film's story started from a little drawing I did of a frustrated man punching the inside of a hollow cat. I loved the idea because the logic was so disturbed and at the same time I felt sorry for the little man."

"I wanted to make a film that was funny and strange, but also had sincere emotion to it. It's as much about misunderstood loners as it is about poo jokes and falling over. The love story in this film brings the potentially creepy protagonist into a situation where normal people can actually sympathise with him."

"The 2D frame by frame pencil drawn animation is geared toward creating nuanced character performances which were key to the personality of the film. Also, nearly everything in the design has a purpose, which brings a strange delicacy to the visual gags."

Hudson co-founded Dice Productions with writer Ian Ravenscroft. Together the duo have now notched up millions of hits on YouTube. To find out more, and to see some of their other work, head over to their website:

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Published: Wednesday 11th July 2012

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