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Born just beyond the realms of possibility in a semi-detached portaloo on Wapping High Street.

Married with 3 wives, I work in a sweat shop in Abu-Dhabi to hekp fund my mother's lobotomy operation.

I am a keen supporter of good corsets and donate regularly at the local sperm bank (Anchorage).


I was born during the period when England were world cup holders and the Beatles were still together. As that means I've now turned 40 I believe I deserve a break...just above the left elbow.

Some random nougats of information include running four London Marathons which terrifyingly meant that I had to meet Mr Motivator. I've had Ray Galton of Galton & Simpson fame make me a coffee in his kitchen and have walked across glowing hot coals at a Tony Robbins seminar.

I've also had the unpleasant sensation of a wasp in my mouth which occurred during my first visit to my in-laws and necessitated me spitting beer across their patio.

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