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I'm an experienced comedy writer and script editor. Most recently, I've written extensively for Breaking The News on BBC Scotland, both radio and every episode of the recent TV series, as well as being script ed and writer on The DesignSpark podcast (currently riding high in the iTunes Technology podcast charts). TV-wise, I've also had material on a couple of editions of Only An Excuse? On the radio side, I'm a writer and script ed on Damn The Torpedoes! (the multi-award-winning BFBS radio show) and have had a whole bunch of sketches on BBC Radio e.g. Lewis Macleod's Wired News (writing team), Recorded For Training Purposes (commissioned), Show What You Wrote (recorded every series), 1st half a dozen series of Newsjack and Tilt. Podcast-wise, I was a writer and script ed on the Live From Kirrin Island podcast, as well as the Comedy Unit's Rough Cuts podcast and Tumbleweed Comedy on FunKids radio. On the stage, I wrote for various shows including the wonderful Teak Show and comedy institutions NewsRevue and Treason Show. I also have a couple of sitcoms in development.