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About me

Stephen has been writing since 2009 and thinks he's getting better at it.

Writing credits include a number of television shows (Breaking the News, Only an Excuse & Hogmanay Live!), radio shows (Lewis MacLeod's Wired News, Breaking the News, The News Quiz, & Newsjack) and stage shows (Newsrevue, The Treason Show, Brokeback Britain & Messrs Comedy)

I'm the script editor for Wingspan Comedy, a night that helps up and coming writers and actors a chance to get their work aired and raise money for the charity BIRD.

I'm one of the script editors and writers for the award-winning BFBS radio sketch show "Damn the Torpedoes":

And that's brought to you by the team that created the "Live from Kirrin Island" topical comedy podcast (I was a script editor and writer for that too).

I was part of the non-award winning sketch comedy group "Goes Well With Cheese". Alas GWWC are no more but you can find out about their short and inglorious history here: And you can read some of our nice reviews here:

And he also does stand up. Which is nice.

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