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Some students know a lot about Renaissance, and completing Renaissance essays will not be a big problem for them. Other students only know that Renaissance means "rebirth" and the movement took place somewhere between 1300s-1600s. Definitely, writing essays on Renaissance for these guys will be more challenging.

Yet, we know that both categories of students will face the same problem - coming up with a topic idea for Renaissance essays.

Indeed, this may be the trickiest stage of the Renaissance essay writing process, since Renaissance was a turning point in history, culture, politics, and there is a huge variety of issues to touch upon in essays on Renaissance.

If you do not mind, we will help you make the right choice of a topic idea for your essay on Renaissance.

Where to start

What you should start with is check your background knowledge of the topic. If you know almost nothing, get at least some basic facts. Find out more about famous representatives of the movement in different fields. Try to figure out the main features, tendencies of the period in general.

If you are already aware of general facts, think what interests you the most about Renaissance and research this field deeper.

How to decide on the main idea of your Renaissance essay

So, if you have collected basic information but you have no time to plunge into details, just make a kind of review for your essay on Renaissance. Tell about the most important events, people, and inventions. Explain why Renaissance was so important.

Or, focus your essay on Renaissance on the field that you feel strongly about: sculpture, art, literature, etc. Or, devote the Renaissance essay to some great inventions of the period like a printing press.

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