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Cornwall, England
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August 2006
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About me

Comedy material credits:
Live performance: Gags, sketch and songs for Treason Show (Brighton & Hove) and News Revue (London) for several years.
Film: Primary scriptwriter for short comedy film Wasabi - Radio: Additional gags for BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio 4 Extra and Channel 4 Radio.
Print: I co-wrote The Little Book of Cynics and As Above So Below satirical magazine. I've also had a couple of humorous magazine column and I've written a few greetings cards. Plugging some branding slogans for niche businesses in the UK and US.
Online: The usual - blogposts, social media and competitions. I was a finalist in a Gold Channel cracker competition. I'm also occasionally active on as Mr Dee.

I'm looking for collaborators, and producers / directors, to create financially viable projects.