Bumper Blyton (2019)

Bumper Blyton
Bumper Blyton
Robert Armstrong
Jonah Fazel
The show is a parody specifically for an adult audience, based on the back catalogue of Enid Blyton books, who actually, genuinely wrote over 700 books. However, the one question we get EVERY YEAR we've been taking the show up to the fringe and around the UK is "har har har is Timmy in the show? har har har". Finally, thanks to some good old fashioned poison we've finally been able to answer the question. "No. He's dead. Here is his decomposing corpse. Is that what you want?". The rest of the prop comedy is a nod to her book covers, and those big bumper summer annuals that your gran used to buy you from WH Smiths, but just with a slightly more age-appropriate feel.