Clothesline (2019)

Alice Fraser Edwards
Sam Dodgshon
This poster was birthed from the hips of two incredibly stressed mothers who enjoy the smell of non-toxic glue, and use dadaesque collage as their enabler. The newspapers selected for the text cuttings on the poster were The Times and The Financial Times, the two newspapers which we feel best represent the show's two mantras. The FT embodies that even when times are tough, some newspapers are pink. The Times represents that even when everything is going your way you do still run the risk of accidentally reading some of Rod Liddle's grade-A bigot drivel. The photography for this poster was specially commissioned to depict the concept of 'clothes, and the people who wear them'. Our show features both clothes and people, so we thought "Hey, what if we combined both of those elements of the show and tried to represent them photographically?". And you know what, we done it. No, but seriously, please vote for Clothesline. Pretty swanky poster, and I really need the money - spent all mine buying two copies of The Financial Times.