Joe Sutherland: Toxic (2018)

Joe Sutherland: Toxic
Joe Sutherland: Toxic
Peter Fingleton
Joe Sutherland
We've done two versions of this poster and this is the X-rated one. In both images we wanted to capture a pose that would typically portray a woman; sultry, pushing the boundaries of 'acceptable' nudity i.e no nipples on show to make it 'classy'. The hope is just that people might do a double take in the street and as they realise it's not a woman perhaps just reflect on how many times a day we see images of near-naked women in sultry or submissive poses without question. Male bodies are also commodified but the imagery we associate with that is often portraying athleticism and elitism or dominance. Also I am vain and not getting any younger. I will frame this image and use it to snare my third husband.