Richard Herring Me1 Versus Me2 Snooker. Frame 41

Frame 41 - Peter O' Tooletide. It's Christmas at the venue formerly known as Nelson Mandela Hall and there's some fun and high-jinks to start things off, but then we're down to the deadly serious business of a man playing himself at snooker to determine which of him is best. Alas fans of one of the players will have their own Christmas wrecked when they hear the result, but the fans of the other player will have the Yuletide of their lives. And the neutrals will probably not have their Christmas affected either way. You will probably want to listen to this on Christmas Day itself for full effect. And if the Queen looks distracted during her speech, you will know that she has this podcast playing in her ear piece. If I was you, I would insist on having this podcast playing during Christmas dinner, so all your family can become fans too and if anyone starts talking then shush them down. One day this whole festival will be called Self-playing Snookermas, but only if you put in the hard work now. Happy Christmas. Use your Christmas money to buy some Me1 Vs Me2 snooker merch from

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Date: 20th December 2013   Length: 33 mins   Size: 30.36mb

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