Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. Image shows from L to R: Jenny Eclair, Richard Herring. Episode 35 - Jenny Eclair

RHLSTP #35: Jenny Eclair - You Go! Rich meets his audience, some familiar, some new. His guest has had an interesting afternoon at the gynaecologists and the cinema, but which was more painful? It's Jenny Eclair. They chat about French kissing Shane Ritchie, how to shoplift the complete works of Herge and ways to improve daytime quizzes. Find out about what it was like to do punk poetry at the legendary Tunnel Club, to be heckled by Woman's Hour and why you should get John Lewis to install your dishwasher. At least one of the people on this podcast has won on Pointless Celebrities. But have they both?

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Date: 7th March   Length: 58 mins   Size: 79.34mb

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