Richard Herring's LST Podcast. Image shows from L to R: Richard Herring, John Lloyd. Episode 20 - John Lloyd

RHLSTP #20 - John Lloyd - It's Not Personal. Richard continues with his mission to get to be a guest on QI with top TV producer John Lloyd, though Lloyd seems intent on demonstrating why Herring is too thick to get on the programme with increasingly difficult questions about how many chemicals there are in a carrot, how to define art and if God wears sandals. Or something. It gets brain-hurtingly deep and philosophical as both men attempt to discover the meaning of life. Plus there's some great behind the scenes stories from Not The Nine O'Clock News and Blackadder Goes Forth, Doctor Snuggles and the world of advertising. Does everything happen for a reason? Why does Richard Dawkins waste his time retweeting praise? Where else could you hear a quite clever man being bamboozled by a very clever man, before asking him if he'd prefer a ham hand or a suncream armpit? Nowhere.

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Date: 14th June 2013   Length: 72 mins   Size: 99.11mb

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