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Andrew Collins and Richard Herring Collings & Herrin - Podcast 123 (Bootleg Version)

Date: 3rd September 2010   Length: 66 mins   File size: 60.8mb

LOST PODCAST 123 UNLOST - WARNING AUDIOPHILES: quality is useless. For completists only. A fuzzy bootleg of the legendary lost Collings and Herrin podcast has suddenly come to light. What kind of lunatic would bootleg a podcast that was being recorded and distributed for free and then keep it to themselves for 3 weeks before sending it in? Christopher Johnson, that's who. And we are grateful to him. And only a little afraid. So now alas you will get to hear, if you listen very carefully, that we were lying to you when we said this was the best ever podcast. But there's some funny stuff in there. And some good impressions.

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