Richard Herring: As It Occurs To Me

As It Occurs To Me - Series 2, Show 2

Richard Herring audaciously attempts to rename five of the seven days of the week, in a way that will make for an easy rhyme to remember them by, but which might make it hard to arrange any actual meetings. His power struggle with double act partners past and present continues, but the real secrets are reserved for those brave souls who endured the heat and missed the football to pay to see the show live. Emma has a story that combines her love of celebrities and her love of poo, Dan wishes he was in the Flight of the Conchords and Christian takes on Billy Bragg and Gil Scott-Heron ensuring that the Venn Diagram of who understands which jokes in the show gets ever more complicated. Meanwhile Rich is a victim of more crime and is hoping elves will write the script so he can sit out in the sun, finally, just once before he dies. It's all post-post-post-post-post modern, which actually makes it quite old-fashioned in places. England won 3-1 by the way.

Date: 24th May 2010   Length: 59 mins   File size: 67.5mb

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