Richard Herring: As It Occurs To Me

As It Occurs To Me - Series 2, Show 1a: Stand-Up Extra

Each week at the live show of AIOTM Richard 'Merring' Herring will be doing an exclusive (usually) unbroadcast set of stand-up material, with as much brand new (or obscure stuff) as it's possible to fit in given the time constraints. You will have to come to the live show to hear it. But this week only, as a super special surprise extra podcast we're releasing the set for FREE! Hear about the sniffing man on the train to Birmingham, how Richard dealt with the oldest heckler he had every encountered, his work on the 1990 West London phone book and Jesus' least successful parable about how birds don't need tables. With special appearances by the Reverend Peter Organ, the potentially incestuous twins, the blue-tit trapping care worker & Royston Vasey. It's surprisingly good given Richard went on stage with little or no idea how he was going to fill the time.

Date: 21st May 2010   Length: 36 mins   File size: 41.9mb

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