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Sunday 23rd January 2011 @ 1:26am by Aaron

The British Comedy Awards. Jonathan Ross. Image credit: Unique Productions.We reported live from the British Comedy Awards at London's O2 in January 2011. Here is our report on the winners and backstage gossip...

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23:29 Well, that's our coverage over for the night. We'll be back next year with all the coverage of 2011's awards, but for now, thanks for joining us!

23:09 Jonathan Ross has just revealed that he ran all of the 'controversial' and personal quips by their targets first. He's also wearing a male girdle after not losing enough weight following Christmas!

23:03 Don't forget to switch over to E4 now for a behind the scenes extravaganza.

23:01 Miranda Hart picks up the Peoples' Choice Award; you also voted her sitcom as Best Overall Comedy 2010 in our own Awards.

22:53 Russell Brand now takes the Outstanding Contribution To Comedy gong.

22:45 Best Sketch Show goes to Horrible Histories.

22:45 A deserved win for Miranda, in our humble.

Miranda. Miranda (Miranda Hart). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.22:42 Best TV Comedy Actress goes to Miranda Hart.

22:41 Asked about their recent countrywide escapades for Red Nose Day and search for funny place names, The Inbetweeners' star Joe Thomas said "Ooh, Mudchute! That's a thinker!"

22:36 Charlie Brooker's ripping into the reporter from Sky News - safe to say that he really isn't a fan of the station!

22:33 The winner is Fonejacker star Kayvan Novak.

22:32 Best British Comedy Performance In Film up next - a bit of a slow year for the British industry here, so not too wide a range of nominees, sadly.

22:30 Samantha Spiro has picked up the Best Female Breakthrough Award, following John Bishop's win in the male category.

22:24 Alan Davies is a little worse for drink, but following complaints about a quip he made on QI, wonders whether we should apologise to the Japanese for World War II?

22:18 Charlie Brooker picks up Best Comedy Entertainment Programme for Newswipe.

22:17 A moving and heartfelt acceptance speech from Roy Clarke, thanking everyone and wishing the room well.

22:10 Roy Clarke picks up the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the world of sitcom, including Keeping Up Appearances and Last Of The Summer Wine.

The British Comedy Awards. Image credit: Tim Clark.22:09 To Peter Capaldi: How do you think Andy Coulson will feel tonight? "I don't know but let's hack into his phone and find out!"

22:05 ... But The Inbetweeners takes it!

22:04 Best Sitcom award up now. Miranda will be a very popular recipient, and she was rushed through the press room quicker than many others after her previous win...

22:03 Jo Brand thanks the people on her table who've let her eat everything from their plates.

22:01 Best Female TV Comic, awarded by Brian Cox and Pulling star Sharon Horgan, goes to Jo Brand.

21:54 What's that beeping? Is the press room about to be flattened by a reversing HGV? If coverage now cuts out, you know why...

21:51 Backstage interview: What next for Miranda Hart? "I'd really like to make my West End debut, and it's not just because I like saying the word 'debut'."

21:50 It was only a matter of time - Louie Spence has broken into a dance in the middle of the room.

21:47 Back in the press room, Miranda says that this is the first time she's worn a dress in 20 years.

21:46 The Writers' Guild Of Great Britain Award goes to Peep Show writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

21:43 And he takes it!

21:43 Peter Capaldi will be a popular win for Best Male.

The British Comedy Awards. Image credit: Tim Clark.21:40 A murmur of laugher as Dara O'Briain counters a reporter from The Daily Mail over whether he's on TV too much or too little. After, the Mail reporter asks whether Frankie Boyle is too outrageous...

21:39 The Only Way Is Essex stars enter the room. Unsurprisingly, no one is desperate to interview them.

21:37 When asked for his favourite Channel 4 comedy, Lee Mack remarks that he loves Five Go Mad In Dorset and Ben Elton on Friday Night Live: "Are they still on?"

21:36 Remember that you can still vote in the Peoples' Choice Award!

21:33 Best Comedy Entertainment Personality: Harry Hill.

21:30 Dara says "These are the most openly bitchy awards ceremony, because frankly, we just don't mind! This is Jonathan's front room."

21:29 Predictably and utterly deservedly, Miranda picks up the gong.

21:29 Despite just finishing Series 2, the elligibility period for this year's awards covers Miranda's late-2009 debut.

21:28 Jerry Hall and Louie Spence have taken to the stage to award the Best New TV Comedy gong - what a pairing!

21:25 In post-award interview, Dara and Warwick ponder developing a double-act with the help of shoulders and scaffolding.

21:25 Best Panel Show goes to Would I Lie To You?.

21:23 Dara enters the room as Ross begins to introduce the Best Panel Show award.

21:20 First ad break now, and thank you to the girls from Channel 4 for providing a lovely range of tooth-rotting lollipop treats backstage!

The British Comedy Awards. Jonathan Ross. Image credit: Unique Productions.21:18 Sounds like Miranda will be a very popular winner for the Peoples' Choice Award; the only cheer we noticed from the auditorium.

21:15 A very popular choice, and McIntyre somewhat bemused by the live presentation of the award all the way up in Liverpool.

21:14 McIntyre presented with his award by the Hoff. They don't call her Amanda HOLDen for nothing - she's not passed over his award yet!

21:12 Best Male TV Comic: the winner is Michael McIntyre.

21:11 Warwick Davis too short to see above podium for the award he and Dara O'Briain are presenting - very amusing visual, and Dara bitter that it's the only award he was elligible for!

21:07 The Trip very popular in the room - confirming our awards' placing of the show as Best New TV Sitcom 2010.

21:03 The customary Jonathan Ross speech is proving as popular in the room as always. Digs at Horne & Corden, Gervais and Carr have already been ticked off.

20:55 Biggest cheer in auditorium so far: announcement that drinks will be served during the interval.

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