You Have Been Watching. Charlie Brooker. Image credit: Zeppotron.

You Have Been Watching

Charlie Brooker and guests cast their eyes over the week's TV, both home grown and from around the world

Panel Show
2009 - 2010  (Channel 4)
16 (2 series)
Charlie Brooker
Charlie Brooker, Ben Caudell, Dominic English, Dan Gaster, Aiden Spackman, Neil Webster, Christine Rose, Dan Swimer

You Have Been Watching is a series in which Charlie Brooker aired his familiarly trenchant views on broadcasting, alongside some funny guests who, in turn, were quizzed on the week's TV shows by the host and asked to take part in related games.

You Have Been Watching features the highs and lows of programming both in the UK and worldwide, presenting a unique take on the shows that command the greatest following - but perhaps shouldn't - and reveals some of the worst programmes that claim to be entertainment.

Executive producer Annabel Jones says: "You Have Been Watching is a brilliant hybrid of comedy quiz show and TV review programme. Charlie has shouted his views on television from the loneliness of his sofa for many years and now it's time for others to try to get a word in edgeways."

Our Review: Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe, tucked away on BBC Four, is ace. Whilst You Have Been Watching isn't quite as genius a programme as that, it is still a very good show that has brought Brooker to a more mainstream audience (and showed a less grumpy and more playful side to the host in the process).

One of the most fun panel shows we've seen for ages, it definitely deserves to return for another series so we've now got our fingers crossed for a third series.