Episode 1.5 - Closing The Portal

Debbie has had enough of the quests and wants her life back, to concentrate on her family, not being The Chosen One.

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In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Debbie has had enough and wants her life back. It all comes to a head when she returns from her latest trip to find the table laid out for a candlelit dinner, an uneaten takeaway and hubby Peter fast asleep on the sofa.

Elf doesn't want Debbie to quit, but, if she's certain, he knows how to close the portal forever.

It involves one last quest, though, as Debbie sets out to collect magical properties from specific lands: water from the spa of Gesundheit; fire from the free-spirited Ennythingos; and earth from Parvula, home to the impossibly cute and complimentary Parvuli.

Having got everything on her shopping list, will Debbie be able to turn her back on Yonderland? Either way, by the episode's end, Elf proves to be more than just a pretty face. OK, pretty might be pushing it.

First Broadcast Details

Sun 1st December 2013
30 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Fri 26th Dec 2014 (7:30am, Sky1)
  • Tue 30th Jun 2015 (8:00pm, Sky2)
  • Sun 5th Jul 2015 (9:00pm, Sky2)
  • Wed 19th Aug 2015 (4:00pm, Sky2)

Episode 1.5 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Martha Howe-Douglas ... Debbie Maddox
Mathew Baynton ... Various
Jim Howick ... Various
Simon Farnaby ... Various
Laurence Rickard ... Various
Ben Willbond ... Various
Dan Skinner
(as Dan Renton Skinner)
... Peter
Martha Howe-Douglas ... Various (Voice)
Writing Team
Toby Davies ... Writer
Production Team
Steve Connelly ... Director
Sioned Wiliam ... Producer
Tim Bevan ... Exec Producer
Eric Fellner ... Exec Producer
Juliette Howell ... Exec Producer
Lucy Lumsden ... Exec Producer
Saskia Schuster ... Exec Producer
Lee Gordon ... Production Design
Ricky Eyres ... Production Design
Philip Pope ... Composer
Mike Holliday ... Editor
Laurence Rickard ... Associate Producer
Other Cast / Crew
Martin Baker ... Co-Producer
Pete Coogan ... Co-Producer

Video Clips From This Episode

The Parvuli's Ode to Debbie

Debbie met the ridiculously cute Parvuli.

Featuring: Martha Howe-Douglas (Debbie Maddox).

Episode 5 Clip

Debbie returns to the Elders' chamber to find out what this week's task may be...

Featuring: Martha Howe-Douglas (Debbie Maddox), Mathew Baynton, Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby, Laurence Rickard, Ben Willbond.

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