Warren United. Warren. Image credit: Baby Cow Productions.

Warren United

Animated sitcom about a football fanatic whose interest in the sport is starting to impinge on his family life

The Wild World Of Warren (Working Title)
2014  (ITV4)
6 (1 series)
Darren Boyd, Eleanor Lawrence, Morgana Robinson, Morwenna Banks, Nitin Ganatra, Georgie Glen, Tony Law, Johnny Vegas, Jonathan Kydd, Robert Portal, Bob Golding & more
Simon Nye, Dominic Holland, David Quantick, Bill Freedman
Baby Cow Productions

Warren United follows the fortunes of Warren Kingsley, an overweight kitchen salesman and fervent football fan, as he stumbles through life trying to juggle his two passions - football and family.

There's only one Warren Kingsley, its loveable but hapless hero. Warren, aged 37 and 1/2, is a fan for all seasons and a bloke of two halves: both a devoted husband and dad and a diehard fan of Brainsford United, a chronically struggling club, known to its long-suffering fans as "The Meringues".