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I was eager to talk to Freddie, not only to find out what it's like to join a show in its ninth series, but because (and I'll be honest with you here) I have a thing for the scouse accent...

Written by Collette Collins. BBC Three Blog, 28th April 2011

Devotees of this show, which used to be awful and is now rather addictive, will know that Gaz (played by Will Mellor) is now in a wheelchair.

Just as in Byker Grove many years ago, when PJ and Duncan, later and less enjoyably known as Ant and Dec, went from being joyful youngsters to morbid goons after the paintball accident that blinded PJ, so sitcoms are harder to pull off when the main character is paralysed. Laughter feels wrong. Send for a secret millionaire, I kept thinking to myself, and undo this injustice.

Amol Rajan, The Independent, 27th April 2011

Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps is back on our screens, in a less welcome return than last night's curry.

Written by Christopher Hooton. Metro, 27th April 2011

This, perplexingly, is the ninth series of the sitcom, the purpose of which only seems to be to keep BBC3 from evaporating. This series, only six episodes long, may be the last, however. It introduces two new characters - Cassie (Georgia Henshaw), just released from a juvenile detention centre to stir things up down the pub, and Billy (Freddie Hogan), a would-be footballer who grates with Gaz on account of his mystifying cheeriness. In this respect, he'd make an ideal audience member for Two Pints.

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 26th April 2011

You asked. They answered. Natalie (who plays Donna) and Luke (who plays Tim) took time out from filming the new series of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps to reply to the questions you sent in via Facebook, Twitter and the blog.

Written by Dana Stevens. BBC Three Blog, 10th March 2011

Filming of Series 9 of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is in its final stages. But before the cast go off and take a well earned break, we want to give you the chance to ask them some questions.

Written by Dana Stevens. BBC Three Blog, 2nd March 2011

There are two reasons to celebrate this week: the new series of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is getting closer and we're celebrating the show's 10th anniversary. Yes, can you believe it? It's been a whole ten years since Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps was first shown on your telly! We want you to help us mark the occasion by telling us about your favourite moments from the show over the last ten years.

Written by Dana Stevens. BBC Three Blog, 21st February 2011

BBC Three brings you a chance to contribute to Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps...

Written by Steve Saul. BBC Comedy Blog, 16th February 2011

A fun challenge for you now BBC Three fans. If you know your Britney from your Beyoncé and your Girls Aloud from your Gaga we need your musical knowledge and excellent taste. The next series of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps is in production at the moment and we want you to suggest the music to be played in The Archers pub.

Written by Dana Stevens. BBC Three Blog, 9th February 2011

They've got another two rounds in but last orders has been called for Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps.

Nicola Methven, The Mirror, 17th July 2009

Will Mellor plays randy Gaz, the man at the centre of simmering love rivalry in Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps. But as the hit sitcom prepares to go interactive, he told The Daily Record why the real Will is more of a father figure.

Written by Graham Keal. The Daily Record, 2nd May 2009

The ending of the eighth series of Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps is to be decide by the sitcom's fans. BBC Three viewers will vote online to decide the outcome of a love triangle between Gaz, Janet and Donna., 7th April 2009

Review of the Comic Relief Special: Having crammed the casts of all three programmes onto one small set, leaving them with little to do except stand awkwardly around like infants at a Christmas concert, the show proceeded to unleash a barrage of the lamest jokes ever be to inflicted in the name of charity. In a good cause? Certainly. Terrible? Definitely. But then my opinion is poisoned by an abiding aversion to Coming Of Age. Working to combat poverty, suffering and injustice is all well and good, but if Comic Relief promised to eradicate Coming Of Age I would really put my hand in my pocket.

Harry Venning, The Stage, 17th March 2009

Did we like it? Hell no! Now on its eighth series, Two Pints has now become a parody of itself. With the exception of Friends and ER not many American shows, never mind hurriedly written and produced British ones, can justify eight series. Two Pints used to be a witty and inspiring reflection of the ordinary working class hero boozing down the local with their mates. Now it remains a hollow vessel.

For Comic Relief, the makers united the 2 Pints gang with characters from its sister sitcoms Grownups and Coming of Age, but even though this was for charity, we can't overlook the fact that this was a load of self indulgent old guff.

The Custard TV, 11th March 2009

These shows are clearly aimed at complete morons. The kind of moron that actually talks in text speak. You could improve the world immeasurably by finding out where they film this shite and dropping concrete flags from a helicopter over the exit at closing time.

Written by mofgimmers. TV Scoop, 10th March 2009

Rubbish." "Hateful." "The worst programme on television." These are just some of the nicer criticisms vented in the general direction of Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps. It's been universally panned - not least in these pages - but BBC3 sitcom Two Pints Of Lager keeps on going. So are we missing something?

Written by Peter Cashmore. The Guardian, 7th March 2009

Sheridan Smith doubles up on her roles from Two Pints... and Grownups as the casts of these shows and the dreadful (no, really it is) Coming of Age come together for a comedy pub quiz for Comic Relief. Should be fun if you can bear any of these shows.

Mark Wright, The Stage, 6th March 2009

That is where Two Pints came into its own. Its testosterone-fuelled ladcom themes and innuendo certainly thrived in the adrenaline-rush of the format, but whether it made up for a top-notch script I'm not so sure.

Written by Bruce Dessau. The Evening Standard, 20th February 2009

Clogging up BBC Three's late night schedule is this 'comedy' (pardon my French) which is nowhere near as clever or as funny as it thinks it is. Instead, the script relentlessly spews out unfunny, groan-inducing crudity and passes it off as 'humour'. For example: "When are you coming back for more sex?". "When Uranus circles Mars.". "Me arse?". Sigh. I rest my case.

Lorna Cooper, MSN TV, 12th August 2008

Is Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps the worst show on telly? It's just not funny on any level as far as I can tell. Or have I just reached 'a certain age' where the comedy shows produced for todays youth are beyond my ability to understand?

EuroGamer, 24th July 2008

Some things make you feel so angry, so filled with bile and rage that you have to speak out through fear of internally combusting. Pick a weekday, any weekday, and you can be sure that this shitstorm of a TV show will be blathering its nonsensical, desperately unfunny comedic wares to an apparently eager-for-more audience.

Written by Mark Oakley. Den Of Geek, 17th June 2008

Who watches this shitty excuse for a programme? I've always wondered that. Now, having seen the show live, I know exactly the kind of person that watches this pitiful show, namely people who will laugh at absolutely anything... and in fact, they do.

Written by mofgimmers. TV Scoop, 14th January 2008

Ask people to think of one thing that sums up the worst of BBC Three, and odds are that it'll be Two Pints. So why is it actually so decent? For a start, it's surprisingly well-plotted.

Written by Andrew Mickel. Den Of Geek, 6th November 2007

According to BBC3 controller Danny Cohen "a huge focus on risk and innovation" is what his channel is all about. Fair dos. Let's have a look at BBC3's comedy output, then. What's on tonight?

12.15: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
12.45: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Ach. What about tomorrow?

11.55: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
12.25: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
2.20: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
2.50: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Balls to it! Surely there's something good to watch on Friday?

12.40: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
1.10: Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps

Oh for heaven's sake. I'm pretty radged off at being presented with dreck like Two Pints twice a bloody evening while genius like Snuff Box lies dormant - and nobody at the Beeb seems to be worried.

Scott Murray, The Guardian, 8th August 2007

Think there are too many repeats on TV? An episode of Two Pint Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps has clocked up nearly 60 showings!

The Sun, 29th March 2007

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