Toast Of London - Production Details

Toast Of London. Steven Toast (Matt Berry). Image credit: Objective Productions.

"Sitcom starring Matt Berry as Steven Toast, an occasionally successful actor who finds himself in a series of tricky situations both off and on-stage"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Sitcom
Broadcast:Mon 20th August 2012 - Mon 8th December 2014  (C4)
Episode Count:13 (pilot + 2 series)
Production Company :Objective Productions
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Matt Berry ... Steven Toast
Robert Bathurst ... Ed Howzer-Black
Doon Mackichan ... Jane Plough
Harry Peacock ... Ray Purchase
Shazad Latif ... Clem Fandango (Sound Engineer)
Tim Downie ... Danny Bear (Sound Engineer)
Tracy-Ann Oberman ... Mrs Purchase
Writing Team
Matt Berry ... Writer
Arthur Mathews ... Writer
Hannah Mackay ... Script Editor (Series 1)
Production Team
Michael Cumming ... Director
Kate Daughton ... Producer
Rachel Springett ... Exec Producer (Series 1)
Ben Farrell ... Exec Producer
Andrew Newman ... Exec Producer
Rosy Thomas ... Production Design
Matt Berry ... Composer
Adam Bokey ... Editor

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