Time Gentlemen Please. Guv (Al Murray). Image credit: Avalon Television.

Time Gentlemen Please

Patriotic landlord Guv runs a pub so successful it has no name, and is frequented only by a group of life's greatest losers

2000 - 2002  (Sky1)
37 (2 series)
Al Murray, Phil Daniels, Jason Freeman, Rebecca Front, Roy Heather, Andrew Mackay, Julia Sawalha, Emma Pierson, Janine Buckley, Jeff Rudom, Marc Bannerman
Richard Herring, Al Murray
Avalon Television

Welcome to the pub by the gasworks. Staffed by the incompetent and frequented by an assortment of equally feckless dregs of humanity, you could not hope to find a more squalid, run-down, dirty drinking establishment - and that's just how the Guv'nor likes it; a proper British pub.

The Pub Landlord's rules are a pint for the fella and a glass of white wine or fruit based drink for the lady. It might be the 21st century but the landlord's gaff is the last bastion of all things normal. He ain't interested in change. It's just the way things are, and don't you or anybody else go questioning it.

Our Review: A refreshingly original and innovative sitcom, Time Gentlemen Please has got to be - on the surface at least - one of the least politically correct comedies of the 2000s. It mightn't be top of the comedy crop, but there are plenty of laughs to be had, and had it not been buried away on Sky, would have attracted a much wider fan base.

However, the programme suffered from its extended run: the weaknesses in some characters and a lack of storylines became evident during Series 2. There are still some great episodes, but it's more varied, and there are fewer big, quotable, memorable, laugh-out-loud scenes. Ultimately, whilst it doesn't detract too much from the show's overall quality, had each series been shorter - or at least had there been a longer gap between the two - some of these niggles may have been avoidable.