The Work Experience - Production Details

The Work Experience. Image shows from L to R: Shussi (Ryan Sampson), Joanna (Kate Miles), Susan (Diane Morgan). Image credit: 2LE Media.

"Prank show in which, each week, two ambitious interns think they're joining a real company... but are actually working for actors"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:TV Prank Show
Broadcast:Wed 24th October 2012 - Wed 28th November 2012  (E4)
Episode Count:6 (1 series)
Production Company :2LE Media
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Kate Miles ... Joanna
Sean Power ... Colby
Ryan Sampson ... Shussi
Diane Morgan ... Susan
Production Team
Tom Forbes ... Director
Michael Livingstone ... Series Producer
Samantha Martin
(as Sam Martin)
... Producer