The What In The World? Quiz. Image shows from L to R: Lee Hurst, Marcus Brigstocke. Image credit: Shine.

The What In The World? Quiz

Channel Five panel show about the weird and wonderful. Marcus Brigstocke hosts, with team captains Lee Hurst and Dominic Holland

What On Earth? (Working Title)
Panel Show
2008 - 2009  (Channel 5)
10 (1 series)
Marcus Brigstocke, Lee Hurst, Dominic Holland
Mark Cohen, Adam Bostock-Smith, Chris Heath

The What In The World? Quiz is a panel gameshow in which Marcus Brigstocke chairs the universally challenged team captains, Lee Hurst and Dominic Holland, through a rollercoaster ride of what is the most weird, wonderful and unbelievable about our planet and beyond.

Fortunately for them, Lee and Dominic are assisted by guest experts as they attempt to win the battle of the 'ests of nature; the biggest, smallest, slowest, fastest, tallest, shortest, hottest, oldest, furthest and loudest. What came first, beer or toothpaste? Which sea creature is louder than a jumbo jet?

The show starts with each of the expert guests showing an interesting item they've brought along. The teams then enter into the following four rounds:

Round 1: World Of Extremes - The teams are shown three things and must identify which is the most extreme.

Round 2: Time Bomb - The teams must aim to give their opponents as little time as possible to answer quick fire questions by attempting to choose the shortest video clip out of the selection given to them.

Round 3: Experimental - The teams, using a sketch pad, must guess what will happen when The Naked Scientists, a team from Cambridge University, demonstrate a scientific experiment.

Round 4: Factoid Frenzy - The panellists are shown a montage of video and images with facts overlaid. They must try and remember as many facts as possible for the subsequent quick-fire questions.

Our Review: This show was a valiant attempt at making something a bit more high brow - it certainly succeeded on being interesting on a factual level. QI it is not though - it felt a bit cheap and, in terms of the laughs, we're afraid to say it was somewhat lacking indeed.

The main problem was the format didn't allow for either of the team captains to generate the quick-fire jokes the show needed, and so it was left to poor Marcus Brigstocke to try squeeze some humour from the very dry subject of science.

Lee Hurst managed to find himself in the tabloid newspapers in 2008 for losing his temper at a stand-up gig and smashing a mobile phone. Although no reason was given, this was no doubt the catalyst that caused Channel Five to pull the show after just three episodes in 2008... it wasn't until a year later that the final seven episodes were finally shown.