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Series 4 (2010)

1. Bob Monkhouse

First Broadcast: Sun 8th August 2010

Bob Monkhouse was one of British television's most popular and prolific performers. Fondly remembered as the quintessential TV gameshow host, he was also a writer, cartoonist and stand-up comedian - but his private life was dogged by tragedy and sadness.

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2. Jeremy Beadle

First Broadcast: Sun 15th August 2010

A celebration of the life and career of the late Jeremy Beadle, Britain's favourite TV prankster. Famous to millions as the face of practical jokes and camcorder calamities on TV, there was another side to Jeremy Beadle which was much less well known.

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3. Mollie Sugden

First Broadcast: Wed 8th September 2010

Family, friends and colleagues pay a touching tribute to one of Britain's finest comedy actresses, Mollie Sugden, who died in 2009.

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4. Terry Scott

First Broadcast: Wed 22nd September 2010

A stalwart of British farce on stage and screen, Terry Scott starred in some of the most memorable Carry On films as well as long-running BBC sitcom Terry & June.

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5. Harry Secombe

First Broadcast: Mon 20th December 2010

A celebration of the life and career of Sir Harry Secombe, one of Britain's best-loved entertainers.

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6. Danny La Rue

First Broadcast: Tue 21st December 2010

Long before Lily Savage, La Cage Aux Folles or Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, there was Danny La Rue, Britain's foremost female impersonator who single-handedly turned cross dressing into mainstream family entertainment.

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7. Mike Reid

First Broadcast: Wed 22nd December 2010

A celebration of the life and times of Mike Reid, the East End boy who started out on the wrong side of the law before bursting onto our screens as a stand-up comedian and ultimately becoming one of Britain's best-loved TV characters - Frank Butcher from EastEnders.

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8. Spike Milligan

First Broadcast: Thu 23rd December 2010

Writer, musician, Goon, poet, artist and humanitarian, perceived as genius and madman in equal measure, Spike Milligan was a man whose life was full of contradiction, controversy and comedy.

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