The Site. Image shows from L to R: Father (Colin Prockter), Martin (Chris Hannon). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

The Site

Sitcom pilot about a man who returns home when he thinks his father has died

2009  (BBC Three)
1 Pilot
Chris Hannon, Paul Kaye, Danny Kirrane, Colin Prockter, Annette Badland, Clive Russell, Andrew Lawrence, William Travis, Richard Katz, Charlie Kenyon, Harry Herring & more
Henry White
British Broadcasting Corporation

Martin, who has been working in the city, returns to his family's pig farm when he is informed of his father's death.

However, on returning home, Martin finds that not only has the pig farm has been turned into a struggling caravan site, but his father is far from dead.

He realises he has stepped right back into the madness he spent his whole life trying to escape.

Our Review: An enjoyable enough sitcom pilot. It is certainly more worthy of being turned into a full series than some the other shows that BBC Three has commissioned recently.

The Site, although fun, was not faultless though - portraying the whole village as stupid was lazy stereotyping, and the less said about the bestiality sub-plot the better.